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Better XML Issue: extra line feed when writing

Name: extra line feed when writing
ID: 2
Project: Better XML
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Mitch Rose
Created: 12/08/07 10:46 PM
Updated: 03/26/08 3:33 PM
Description: The editor defaults to addNewLine="yes" on line 41 when Write() is called. This adds an extra line feed which is unnecessary, although it's probably not harmful.

History: Created by mrose (Mitch Rose) : 12/08/07 10:46 PM

Comment by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 12/11/07 12:07 PM
Thanks for this, every saved bit of space helps :). Will look into it when I get a spare 5 minutes...


Updated by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 03/25/08 6:24 PM
Fixed in version 1.0

Updated by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 03/26/08 3:33 PM

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